Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wheat grass, DVDs, recipes and other schtuff.

Today's post is kinda all over the place, but I'll try to keep it as organized as possible!

Wheat grass.

First off, let me just state that I have officially jumped on the Amazing Grass bandwagon. I've read about it on a few of my favorite blogs for the past few months and finally gave it a try. I bought some samples from Whole Foods last night and I'm officially hooked. That said, I have massive amounts of the stuff (in the berry, chocolate and regular green flavors) on order from Amazon. Was it one of those impulsive [expensive] purchases? Yes. Do I care? Not so much (even less so, after filing my taxes this morning and seeing how much of a refund is coming my way! Gotta love that extra cash-money from ol' Uncle Sam each year).

I've always liked the flavor of wheat grass, so I'm excited to mix up this powder in all sorts of smoothies or enjoy it by itself. Last night I mixed a packet with some chocolate almond milk and this morning I tried it with just water. Dug the taste prepared both ways. I must admit, I enjoy it more with a *little bit* of sweetener. I'm a fan of the sweetness. What can I say?

It's still a bit early to tell if I've experienced the numerous health benefits it boasts, but I must say, after falling asleep after 11 pm last night, I woke up pretty damn refreshed at 5 am this morning. Like, noticeably refreshed. I told myself last night that if I was too tired at 5 am to work out, I would go ahead and give myself a rest day, but once I sat up to turn off the alarm, I felt like I could tackle some 30 Day Shred. And I did just that. Levels 2 and 3, even.

Was it the wheat grass shot from the night before? Placebo effect? Who knows. But I do know that, despite how long I've been doing early morning workouts, I'm usually groggy at that hour and still totally not a morning person.

I plan on consuming AG daily once my shipment arrives, so I'll keep you all posted on any changes I notice over the next few weeks.


While adding copious amounts of wheat grass powder to my Amazon shopping cart, I also threw in some new fitness DVDs that have been getting some buzz lately:


I'm not gonna lie- Jari Love just looks creepy and a little too thin to me on that cover, but based on what I've read, it's a challenging DVD that's supposed to deliver. We shall see!

As for Cardio Kick, I've just been itching to do some kick boxing lately. The last few Tae Bo DVDs I got were just disappointing overall (too many ridiculous moves packed into one workout, too much use of the 'body bands,' etc.), so it's time to try something new. I think this will be a good fit.

Reviews of those to follow in the next week or so as well. I'm still hitting the gym and mixing in yoga, but even between the gym and all of my equipment at home, I still get bored with my workout routines from time to time. And seeing as how I like [and dislike] to get my workouts over and done with early in the a.m., I need to mix things up to keep me motivated. I hope these new DVDs will do the trick.


Couple of recipes to share:

-Tuna & Chickpea Salad with Pesto. Oh. My. God. I made this the other night and it turned out just awesome. Probably because it required no actual cooking and called for easy, tasty ingredients, heh. Doug's not a fan of bell peppers, so I substituted those with some sun-dried tomatoes (the dry ones- not the kind packed in oil). I also sprinkled some fat-free feta on top. Deliciousness. In fact, I need to start wrapping this post up because I brought leftovers for lunch!

-Chicken & Bok Choy Stir Fry. Haven't actually tried this one yet, but it's on the menu for dinner tonight. I picked up some bok choy at the store the other night, so all of the ingredients are patiently waiting in the kitchen. Just looking at the ingredient list, I'm confident that it'll taste pretty darn good.


This week is shaping up to be one of the best weeks I've had in a while. It started out semi-rough, but gradually got better each day. My workouts were steady and left me feeling strong, my food intake has been balanced (and sooo tasty!), my "food-mood," as I like to call it, is finally starting to mellow out and I'm starting to feel like myself again. The previous binging episodes from the past few months made me feel like a stranger in my own body. I know it probably sounds silly, but for a while there, I felt like I lost my identity because I was stuck in this messy state of all around unhealthiness. I was eating crap, felt like crap and for whatever reason(s), couldn't bring myself to care enough to break the cycle of crap.

Eating mindfully takes practice (more so than I originally thought), but I'm definitely starting to get the hang of it. I'm still reading Eat What You Love... and each chapter paragraph reaffirms that I'm totally capable of having a sane relationship with food and that I deserve any health & happiness that results from said relationship.

Yeah, yeah, I started to get all lovey-dovey-hippy-ish in that last bit, but it's true. And I'm finally starting to realize how imperative it is to just stop being a wuss and start being honest about my feelings ;D

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