Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homemade Surf 'N' Turf.

Earlier this month, I was offered a new job. Yesterday was the last day at my old job and I start the new one on Monday. To celebrate, Doug surprised me by buying all of the ingredients for a bitchin' surf 'n' turf dinner:

Bone-in NY Strip, grilled lobster tail (with melted butter & lemon slices), fingerling potatoes (with butter & chives), roasted brussels sprouts (!!!) and wheat french bread on the side.

*bites knuckle*

I also busted out some cheap raspberry-flavored fizzy booze. Not the best picture, but I was mostly trying to get a shot of Randal, who has decided he's camera shy these days, apparently.

Not pictured is the special ice cream Doug bought as well: Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle.

Definitely a bit more than we spend on food in a typical week, but worth it for the occasion and still way more affordable than going to a steakhouse. Oh, and friggin' delicious, of course! Looking forward to leftover steak and potatoes for lunch.

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