Monday, January 10, 2011

Salad and Salutations.

Sundays tend to be a bit lazy around our household. Yesterday was no exception. Aside from some laundry, I found myself on the couch most of the day, bouncing back and forth between Food Network and Cooking Channel. By some miracle, I managed to slowly change into workout clothes around 5:30 pm and did a quick workout. I told Doug we could just do whatever for dinner (sandwiches, soup, cereal, etc.), but while I was sweatin' it out, he came through with a delightful salad:

On a bed of green leaf lettuce, he poured over a white bean & bacon bit salad (included diced tomatoes, red onion and an orange vinaigrette dressing made with orange zest, orange juice, some of the bacon fat, some oil, salt, pepper, cayenne aaand garlic?). So good! But then it got a little better:

Grilled diced chicken breast on top. He added sage, salt and pepper before grilling.

It was light, refreshing and had a great mix of textures. Perfect recovery meal after my workout!

Aside from great Sunday salads, I'm looking forward to starting the 21 Day Challange from Yoga Journal Magazine.

Join me, if you'd like!

While I've always been able to do various workouts on my own without following a specific plan, yoga has always been one of those areas that I just can't seem to stick with on a regular basis, despite how great I feel afterward. I recently subscribed to Yoga Journal and when they revealed this challenge, I knew I needed to give it a try. Today is Day 1, so I plan on doing the first workout when I get home from work.

I read on Lifehacker recently that it takes 21 days to help build a good habit, so it was hard to turn down a 21 day yoga challenge! Plus, I was looking ahead at the lengths of the daily workouts and most of them are short enough to be combined with my regular exercise schedule (which has still been a mix of Nike Training Club workouts and running).

Anyone else trying new workouts or challenges this year?

Hope everyone's easing back into the work week!


Mo Diva said...

good luck to you girlie!
as soon as i can get my elliptical trainer to work again I will be joiing in on some kind of fitness challenge. :-)

Sachin said...

All the very best for yoga.