Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just 'cause.

Today, I've felt more beautiful (inside AND out), than I have in a really, really long time. And it's even that time of the month- how do ya like them apples?! I look forward to feeling this way more in the future. Since today was the initial moment of clarity though, I felt the need to dedicate a post to it. With a soundtrack courtesy of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, even:

In terms of my everyday life, nothing has changed; still have the same job, same [more awesome than thou] Doug, same rented house with its ridiculous wood paneling on the walls. But in the past 24 hours, I'm just, dare I say it, feelin' the love.

Part of what contributed to this awakening was a well-deserved and much-needed clothes shopping trip. Thrift stores are the bee's knees, as some of you may well know. I basically bought half a wardrobe for a little over 20 bucks. I noticed I was falling into that frumpy phase again where I was dressing as basic and plain as possible. It's a terrible habit from my heavier days and unsurprisingly, eventually makes me feel kinda terrible. Not only did this trip boost my self-esteem, but I think I may be starting a love-affair with the color green (both wearing it and spending hardly any of it; a shirt for 99 cents is love, people).

Also found some cheap lipstick in some fun shades (I tend to rely on neutral colors that basically match my own tones, thus defeating the purpose of buying and wearing lipstick), thanks to New York Color. Now, don't get me wrong- I appreciate the ability to rock the natural look too, but sometimes it's just fun to doll it up a bit a feel like a sexy broad. I've never been overtly feminine, but I still get a kick out of playing around with my girly side from time to time.

Geez, all this talk about clothes and make-up... Guess I'll have to pose for a pic soon, heh.

Anywho, yes, this post had pretty much nothing to do with food or fitness, but I feel all of this still relates to my health. Very much so. I can't help but close with one of my favorite lines from "Kids in the Hall": Life's a pretty sweet fruit!

The rest of the day includes spending time with beloved friends (and possibly beer) at Geeks Who Drink. Again, love. Ok, that's enough with the love. Can't have this blog turnin' into a movie starring Drew Barrymore. I mean, I guess it could, but Mama needs to see the money first.


Mo Diva said...

loving your positive vibe! (borrowing some!)

Tamara said...

Thanks, Mo! And borrow away!