Friday, September 23, 2011

Health/Fitness Truths.

I came across a new blog today, SweatyGirl and read a post about her top 10 Fitness Truths. I really dug the idea and decided to share some of my health/fitness-related truths.

1. I think every vegetable is amazing when roasted. Seriously. I'm not a picky eater these days to begin with, but if every serving of vegetables I eat could be roasted, that would be a doozy. A doozy of awesomeness. A doozy of awesomeness with a side of ketchup.

2. I still can't do full-fledged push-ups. I'm getting closer, but still need more training in this area, even after more than 4 years of working out regularly. Being able to rock out 10 push-ups without having to be on my knees would be a dream come true.

3. One of my fitness goals is to beat Doug at arm wrestling. I think that's all I have to say on the topic.

4. I subtly play air guitar and air drums at the gym. It's just hard to resist when a kick-ass song comes up on shuffle. And really, 99% of the music I listen to kicks ass, so there ya go.

5. The swimming part is what keeps me from doing a triathlon. It's not that I can't swim, I just don't swim well enough. I know it's just a matter of training, but swimming in a competitive event just doesn't sit well with me at the moment. Hopefully that will change in a few years.

6. I really, really, really love vodka. And tequila. My penchant for cocktails and shots keep the bro-ham in me alive and kickin'. And also keep my abs from looking better. The ultimate compromise. Sigh.

7. I wear sweatbands. But only at home. When doing fast-paced circuit or lifting routines, I rock the sweatband to keep my drippy curls out of the way. Also, I'm the sweatiest person I know.

8. I will never turn down a slice of cake, ever. No matter how much I preach about eating better and avoiding excess sugar, I WILL stop whatever I'm saying mid-sentence and eat cake if it's put in front of me. And I'll even take that extra frosting off your hands because it really is a shame to waste.

9. I prefer to exercise by myself. I've gotten offers from coworkers to meet at the gym and have participated in a few group exercise classes, but I really just prefer to bust out a sweat session on my own. There's less distraction and I can push harder or go slower without having to worry about someone else's pace. I'm sure working out with others could open me up to some different challenges though, so I'm willing to give it a try more often in the future. (Though, it's hard to find people who already wake up at 5 am most days just to exercise. Hello? *tap, tap* Is this thing on? Anyone out there?)

10. I shop for new weight equipment and fitness DVDs like they're porn. Sad, but true. On the rare occasion I have some extra money to burn, my mind doesn't go to clothes, shoes or a new phone (I've had the same sliding Samsung Blast for 5 years now, holla!); I immediately think, "Hmm, I could go for some new dumbbells right about now."

What are some of your fitness/health truths?


Alyse said...

Found you through the G-Lab.

I have a thing about fitness DVD's, too. I obsessively read reviews on amazon and watch previews on They are very addicting!

Tamara said...

Yes- I LOVE Collage Video. When I discovered them, it was all downhill from there, haha.

Bria said...

Just discovered your blog. Loving it! Great post. I feel the same way about pull-ups that you feel about pushups. I'm getting closer, and I'm sure you are too. Agree about cake. Haaa!

Joslyn said...

I've been working out for almost three years, and I still can't do pushups, either. :(

I air-drum and sometimes sing while running in public. I probably look like a hardcore nerd, but at least I'm making it fun!

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Can relate to the shopping part!! I don't want to do a triathelon because of the sun and I would be afraid I couldn't do anything like walk or ride after swimming.

shaun @ snackasaurusrex said...

I feel the same way about vodka and triathlons. Well, actually it's the swimming, then having to do anything else soaking wet...all I can think about is the areas of my body that could and would get chaffed!

Tiffany said...

I am the same when it comes to working out-I like to do it solo. I will work out with a friend every now and then or do a class but I just dont feel like Im getting the kind of workout I do when I am by myself.

I am roasting some acorn squash tonight and am a little too excited. It may hot in these parts but I need to feel like it's fall.

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