Friday, November 13, 2009

Weigh-In Day.

Today's weight: 151.8. A gain of 0.8 pounds. Since last week showed me a loss of 5.8 pounds, a gain was expected. But... I must be honest... After having my first perfect week in several weeks (no binging, consistent exercise, TONS of fruit & veggies), seeing a gain was a tad bit irritating. I was hoping I would've at least stayed the same. Oh well. It is what it is.

I took the day off from work today. Slept in a little and then did levels 2 & 3 of the 30 Day Shred DVD back to back, followed by a weight routine with bench presses (30 pounds) and deadlifts (50 pounds). I'm starting to dig deadlifts now that I increased the weight. I can feel my abs, legs, arms and chest all working all at once. It's really easy to talk myself out of lifting, but once I actually do it, I start to enjoy it because I'm more in tune with my muscles and can literally feel myself getting stronger. Feels pretty bad-ass.

That's about it, really. Not much else to report. Hopefully I'll have a more exciting post next week. Have a great weekend!


Tricia said...

Congrats on the "perfect week".

fatfighter said...

Don't worry about the slight gain - it will happen sometimes. Just keep focusing on feeling bad-ass. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tamara said...

Thanks- I have finally been feeling pretty bad-ass these past few days. All it takes is a better attitude and hitting the "refresh" button on my perspective, as cheesy as that sounds, heh.