Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You don't understand; I'm ON the LIST.

This post is more of a bitch-fest than anything else. You've been warned.

Every week, either before or immediately after my spin class at 24 Hour Fitness, I ask the desk staff person to add my name to the list for next week's class. And I see them write my name down. And then I walk away.

Last week was no different, but somehow, my name was absent from this week's list.

And of course, it had to be on a day where the class was packed (seriously? it's a 5:30 am class and hasn't been full in weeks!), with no chance of an extra bike opening up. So, I didn't get to spin this morning. And it kind of broke my heart. My guess is yeah, my name got written on a list, just not the list. Buh.

So I gathered my things and headed to the cardio room, pissed and unmotivated. I started to use one of the regular exercise bikes, but it wasn't the same. And the bike itself smelled like it hadn't been cleaned after about 50 sweaty workouts. Lovely.

I then made my way to the elliptical. Meh. Wasn't feeling that either. See, I had psyched myself up for a super-tough workout (see: 60 minutes of spin class) and didn't have my mind on anything else. Does that happen to anyone else? I'm sure it does; you mentally pump yourself up, imagine the burn and the sweat and most of all, the feeling of bad-assery when you're done. That's why I love spin so much; it forces me to challenge myself. Sure, I try to challenge myself when I workout on my own, but getting that extra push from Vanessa (the instructor) and everyone else in the class just makes me want to see how harder/faster I can pedal and for how long.

Anywho, after contemplating not working out at all and just heading home, I decided I would at least run on the treadmill for a bit and maybe use the Stair Master. I got on the treadmill, regrettably, and started my run. On the upside, my recent strength training has improved my endurance, so I was able to go a bit faster than usual. I did 2 miles in 19:17, staying at 7 mph the last quarter-mile. Considering I wasn't in the mood to run at all (and wearing padded cycling shorts and not wearing my usual running shoes and feeling like a complete tool), I was pleased with the end result.

I had to wait for a Stair Master which only added to my foul mood, but one finally opened up and I did 15 minutes of speed intervals. I try not to be a hater, but yes, I'm one of those handlebar snobs. Out of all 8 people using the machines, I was the only one not hunched over and putting all of my upper body weight on the handles, holding on for dear life. Just let go, people! You'll get a higher heart rate, burn more calories and strengthen your core muscles. If you have to hold on, you need to slow things down. But of course, I keep my mouth shut and save such thoughts for blog rants because I'm passive-aggressive like that.

It wasn't the worst workout, but it certainly wasn't the ass-whooping I signed up for. I of course signed up for next Tuesday's class and DOUBLE-CHECKED that my name was indeed on the list for Saturday's class. Great. Now I get to be that annoying, paranoid member who asks 3 different employees if my name is on the list. Why the obsessive behavior? Because I'm a spin addict.


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

How annoying is that? I really need to try Spin. Lately tons of my favorite bloggers have been posting about it. I need money for a gym membership!

I'm so with you on the handlebar thing. When I had access to a gym I would go fairly slow on the stairmill but NEVER relied on the handlebars to power me through. It was the best workout!

Tamara said...

@Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat)

Yeah, it's a really great class! When I first signed up, I thought, "Oh, just some fast bike riding, big whoop," but it's sooo intense! Lots of hills and speed intervals and surprisingly, lots of upper-body work too. My instructor's abs are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and she has like, 3 kids, haha.

Anonymous said...

Just seeing the Dave Chappelle Lil Jon but made my night so thank you.

I haven't done a spin class because I fear what it would do to my already horrible knees but am so intrigued. I cannot stand when I see people all hunched over on the stair climbers---arrrgh!

Tamara said...


Haha- you're welcome. I needed to laugh this morning, heh.

And my knees bother me sometimes too (mostly from running), but even though spin is intense, it doesn't bother my knees at all. I know each person is different, but so far, I haven't had any lingering soreness in that area. Just toning up my legs like crazy!

Mo Diva said...

that is way annoying! I would have been so discouraged and probably stormed out.. but thats why i still have weight to lose. I give up too quickly!
Im happy to hear you perservered and kept on! You go girl!

Tamara said...

@Mo Diva

Aw, thanks! I wasn't too happy about it at the time, but I did feel better getting some type of workout in, even if it wasn't the one I originally planned for.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that would completely piss me off too. If I had planned to do a specific workout it would have been very difficult for me to get motivated to do something different. Good on you for sticking around at getting it done.

I have a 24hr fitness rant too, but for something way minor and lame. and this is def not the forum for it :)

I keep telling myself I will try spinning because everyone raves about how fantastic it is as a workout, but I really dislike biking.

Tamara said...


Yeah, I was never a big biking fan either (and still not, with the exception of this class), but once I experienced the crazy sweat and noticed how much my legs and abs started toning up, I just can't stop going.