Tuesday, August 25, 2009


f.f. greek yogurt w/ blueberries- 2
light english muffin- 1

cantaloupe- 1
baby carrots- 0
PB2- 1

lean cuisine tortilla-crusted fish- 7
popcorn- 1

lightfull smoothie- 1
dried pineapple- 1

pork/shrimp- 3
zucchini/carrots- 1
oil- 1
sauce- 1
couscous- 3

tart honey yogurt- 3
vitatop- 1

total points used: 28/26 (Wendie Plan)
activity points: 42 min. incline training- 5
net points: 26
WAPs: 10/35 remaining

Pulled some pork chops out for dinner tonight. Not 100% sure what we'll end up doing with them, but I'm kinda hoping for the teriyaki-pork-with-veggies-over-couscous dish that Doug makes. It's pretty simple, but it's so good. Plus it would allow us to use up more of the carrots and zucchini my grandma gave me.


I'm still kinda debating on what I'll do for exercise today. If I go home after work, I'll either do some P90X or try my new Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD. I'm also debating on going to the gym for some incline training and weights. I brought my gym bag with me just in case. I'm about 85% sure I'm going to the gym. It's always nice to be away from home and enjoy some me time.

That's about all to report for today. Other than that, I'm broke until next Monday. I'm so desperate to go grocery shopping! So much stuff I need to stock up on. Hope this week goes by fast.

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