Sunday, August 30, 2009


light english muffin- 1
egg white/3 slices ham- 1
f.f. shredded cheese- 1
green onion- 0

ww giant ice cream bar- 2

smart wrap tortilla- 1
black beans- 2
f.f. shredded cheese- 1
salsa- 0

corn tortillas- 1
2 f.f. hot dogs- 2
turkey chili- 2
cheese slice- 1
potato- 2
olive oil- 1

fudge bar- 1
apple- 1
PB2- 1
s.f. pudding cup- 1
strawberries w/ light syrup- 1

total points used: 23/23
activity points: P90X (Kenpo)- 3
WAPs: 35/35

I've made it to Sunday morning and I still have all of my allowance points! Haven't accomplished that in a while. Now, if I can make it to tomorrow with all of them, that would be sweet.

Breakfast stemmed from an idea from Doug. The only thing I changed was making it into a sandwich with the english muffin. The green onion and ham really added a nice flavor. I mixed my cheese in and cooked everything until the cheese got a little crusty on the outside. So friggin' good.

Dinner plans aren't set in stone, but I'm thinking chili dogs (healthy version of course) and baked fries. Mmm. I got paid earlier than I thought I would (Friday versus tomorrow), so we busted out some serious grocery shopping yesterday. I still want to stop by Sunflower Market today and pick up some produce though. The produce selection at Wal-mart is never really worth much to begin with and the prices at Sunflower are way better. They have cheap apples and I need to stock up!


Did the P90X Kenpo disc today. It was ok. I didn't find it particularly hard and I only burned 300 calories after an hour. But it still got me sweating and made me focus on form, so I can't really complain too much.

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