Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not too shabby.

So I'm back from the trip and actually did ok. I didn't touch a drop of booze last night, which really made a difference. I had to estimate a lot of stuff for dinner though, so I ended up going over by a few points. I was really hoping to avoid that since I'm trying to stick to the Wendie plan without any alterations, but since I ran that morning, I guess I won't beat myself up over it too much. We grilled out, so I stuck to a bunless burger, corn, grilled veggies and fruit. My uncle kept wanting to make me a drink, so I kept blowing him off until I finally said "No, I'm saving up for cake," which was true. The ol' fat kid in me will take cake over booze any day. And that's exactly how I planned my evening, haha.

This morning we actually went out to breakfast instead of eating at my grandma's, so that kinda screwed me over a bit too, in the sense that I couldn't eat the stuff that I brought along as planned. Still kept it healthy though, with oatmeal and a fruit plate, but again, I had to estimate the oatmeal. I haaaate estimating stuff, but oh well. I probably overestimated points, both last night and this morning, but I feel better doing it that way, and not the other way around.


oatmeal- 5
fruit- 4

special k cereal- 1

apple- 1
PB2- 1

wahoo's shrimp burrito w/ wet sauce- 13

ww smart ones cookie dough sundae- 3
tart honey yogurt- 4
onion ring- 1
french toast (light bread w/ egg beaters)- 2
light syrup- 2

total points used: 37/37 (Wendie Plan)
activity points: day off
WAPs: 14/35 remaining

I must admit, I'm looking forward to this big-point day. Still not sure what dinner will be, but I wanna keep it semi-healthy, like either a Wahoo's burrito or some Kashi pizza and then... something ice cream-y... We'll see.


Yeaaahhh... Not sure that's gonna happen today. I'm already tired just thinking of tomorrow; getting up at 5am to run, work, brief break at home and then martial arts class until 7:15 pm. I didn't sleep well last night and long car rides make me lazy. Yes, these are lame excuses, but when I think about how much I've been busting my ass lately, I guess I just don't care today, haha. Oh well. I'm pretty sure working out 5 days this week instead of six won't kill me.


Danielle said...

Good job! I am interested to see how the Wendie plan works for you this week! I was also considering it with these darn .6 losses with lots of hard work.

Danielle said...

Hey! It's Danielle (sorry_im_late). I don't post on here but I'll follow ya. Good job at grandmas!

Tamara said...

Thanks! I hope the Wendie Plan doesn't backfire... I'm getting desperate and running out of ideas :/ Guess we'll find out on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Great job on not touching the booze. Unfortunately, I was not in your boat. Seriously, I am happy for you... on a positive note, I only had 4 beers total this weekend.. and they were light beers. So yay? :D Overestimating points is better than underestimating for sure. It sounds like you had a successful weekend. YAY YOU!! If I could do a cartwheel, I would totally do one for you.

The big point day didn't freak you out at all? I get so anxious about it.

Tamara said...


And no, I looked forward to the big point day, haha. Now, if I end up gaining this week, I'll feel differently, but I thought it was awesome to have a stress-free splurge that was technically on-plan :D