Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, so much for that.

My martial arts class that was supposed to start today got canceled for the entire semester. Nooo! I guess not enough people signed up. I was really looking forward to it, too. Oh well. On the upside, my schedule will be less hectic now, but I was still willing to squeeze it in for the sake of trying something new. Buh.


smart wrap tortilla- 1
egg white- 1
spinach/shredded carrot- 0
laughing cow wedge- 1

vitatop- 1
baby carrots- 0

smart ones beef pot roast- 3
cantaloupe- 1

lightfull smoothie- 1

chicken- 3
bbq sauce- 1
zucchini- 0
potato- 2
olive oil- 2

smart ones sundae- 3
tart honey yogurt- 2

total points used: 22/22 (Wendie Plan)
activity points: 47 min. run- 6
WAPs: 14/35 remaining

My grandma sent me home with a crapload of carrots from the carrot harvest (they live in the San Luis Valley where stuff like carrots & potatoes are regularly planted and my grandpa works during harvest season and stocks everybody up). So I'll be eating as many carrots as I can for the next couple of weeks, heh. I need to blanch some of them and put them in the freezer too.

She also gave me quite a few large zucchini from her garden. I loooove zucchini, so I'm definitely planning on making some for dinner a few times this week.

On a different note, I'm going to experiment with decreasing my protein intake a little bit. I've noticed for the past several months that I typically get almost twice (if not more) my recommended daily intake for protein. I think I got obsessed with trying to keep myself full at all times by loading up on protein (and fiber), but my appetite isn't as big as it used to be, so I think I might be able to get away with eating a little less protein. I'm not 100% sure what negative effects there are, if any, from eating too much (maybe building up extra muscle?), but I figured it's just something new I'll play around with and see how I feel.


Got out of bed at 5 am today and went for a run. Although it may sound cheesy, I really need to invest in a fanny pack and a small flashlight or something when I run this early. It's just way too dark during the first half and I just kinda feel paranoid the whole time and can't really enjoy myself. My biggest concern, as of this morning, are animals. I freak out over pretty much every animal that comes anywhere near me, so when I saw a fox and a skunk (!!!) today, I started sprinting, haha. But yeah, a light of some sort and some pepper spray might not be a bad idea. I'll start browsing for that stuff this week.


Anonymous said...

Interesting about the protein/fibre. I think I probably eat more than I have to also. Before I started weight training, I wasn't getting enough protein, now I have shakes & lean meats often. And fibre? I put it in everything. Fibre first cereal goes into anything I can throw it into and powdered fibre supplements go into everything else!

I have a fanny pack for running. I feel like such a tool because it is a cheap one and doesn't look great, because you know, fanny packs are suposed to look awesome! A flashlight is a good idea. Are there other people running at that hour? I love running outside at that time, it's cool out and the trails/walks are empty.. but then I feel paranoid about being mugged, or worse. I live in a nice neighbourhood, but even nice neighbourhoods have bad things happen in them. I have the perfect 5K route from my house, down a walking path, under lots of trees, it's so nice..

Tamara said...

There aren't really any other people out at that time. I might run into a cyclist or two when I'm heading back and the sun's coming up, but otherwise, it's empty.

The trail itself doesn't really go through any dangerous areas, but my main concern is being able to see if I'm going to step on a skunk or not, haha. Seriously- it was super-dark. Creepy.

And in the event that there is a random psychopath on the trail, I'm looking at getting one of these:

mercurygrin said...

Fannypacks are awesome I don't care what people say!
When I did the jack quinns runs they required a flashlight or head lamp. I would def recommend a head lamp as it keeps your hands free. I hate carrying anything when I run. They are not the height of fashion, but totally worth it. I got mine cheap too, like $7 at Big 5 Sports.

Krystalily said...

I bought pepper spray from my local gun store. :) It makes me feel better when I'm out walking/running.