Friday, August 21, 2009

Wendie Plan Details

Just posting for future reference. Taken from a post on the WW boards.

Pick any day for your Day 1.

Then eat your points as follows:
Day 1: target +5 points
Day 2: Target + 1 point
Day 3: Target +15 points
Day 4: Target points only
Day 5: Target +4 points
Day 6: Target +2 points
Day 7: Target points only.

Target means your Daily Points.
If you follow this exactly, you'll use 27 of your 35 weekly flex points.
So if you go a little off any one given day, you'll still remain within all your points for the week.

As for APs, there are a couple different ideas about how to use them but this is what we've been following.

Earn them of course but then there are three options -

1) Wendie didn't use them because that's how she got the best consistent losses.
2) only use a couple on your target days on really healthy stuff.
3) if you're earning 25 or more a week, just add one or two to your target points before figuring out the formula... that way you make sure to be fueled for the week.

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