Monday, April 26, 2010

Grilled to perfect-shon.

Another happenin' meal, by Grill Master Doug. Kinda want to start calling him Doug-y Flay now.

Hubba, hubba! Grilled pork loin chops with Famous Dave's Rich & Sassy sauce, grilled zucchini, GRILLED CORN! (first of the season, hence the excitement) and baked beans on the side. Loooooove! Side note: Chili powder & grilled corn FTW.

I must say, I'm glad I've finally come to appreciate baked beans. I tried them once when I was a kid (before I liked ANY kind of bean, baked or otherwise) and of course didn't like them and let that memory keep me from trying them again for yeeears. Well, now I love them. Like, a lot. And Busch's vegetarian variety is pretty much going to be a regular staple in my pantry now. So perfect with grilled awesomeness! And to think all of the years I've wasted wrinkling my nose at the sight of them. Dumb. Oh well.

Be it baked beans or anything else, try or re-try things every few years. Challenge and change that palate, son!

Speaking of which, I'm still waiting for my first papaya to ripen like a kid waiting for Santa. Can't wait to cut into that sucker!

Alright. Think I've done my share of posting for the day, heh. Back to "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives," then prep for tomorrow. 24Cycle awaits me at buttcrack of dawn. Speaking of butts, mine still hasn't fully recovered from yesterday's 3 hour/40 minute hike, so we'll see how I do tomorrow, haha. 'Night all!


Danielle said...

That grilled corn looks delicious!

fatfighter said...

Seriously, it has been way too long since I have had grilled corn! It looks sooooo good!