Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tried my first TurboKick class at 24 Hour Fitness last night. It was... Ok. Not the best first class experience, but I'll be taking our instructor's advice and trying it out a few more times before forming a solid opinion.

Apparently, they're still having mic troubles in the classroom. This was the case last Saturday at my 24 S.E.T. class, but it wasn't a big deal because Debbie turned down the music and has a naturally loud voice anyway.

Well, for the TurboKick class, it was an issue. Our instructor (can't remember her name) didn't turn the music down and doesn't have a naturally loud voice, so I essentially couldn't hear shit, with regards to her cues.

I was expecting the class to move fast, but there was also a significant number of new people, so I thought our instructor would slow down a *tiny* bit, or at least stick to simpler combinations. Not so much. And while she definitely knew what she was doing, she got super-fancy with her arms and legs, so it was hard to tell if I was supposed to be doing a simple hook or some other advanced move. I don't know.

I did break out a good sweat and am sore all over today though, so I can't complain. And I can't expect to be a master on the first day, especially in a class where a lot of hand-eye-leg coordination is required.

I'm definitely going to go again next week. Despite not being nearly as thrilled as I was after my first S.E.T. class, it was still fun and I want to get better at it. I just hope they fix the damn mic set by then! I think that was the most annoying part.

So that was TurboKick! I didn't sign up for tonight's 24Cycle class because a) I forgot to sign up and b) I'd rather hit up the grocery store after work and get that out of the way before the weekend. Plus, I'll have some extra recovery time for my sore muscles. Planning on doing something tomorrow morning, but I'm torn between sprint intervals and swimming. We'll see.

I'd like to give the cycle class a shot next week though; they have an early 5:30 am class, which I'd rather do than a 6pm class. I don't mind mixing up early morning/late afternoon workouts, but I also don't like to wait too long after work because it throws off my dinner schedule (I know, I'm such an 80 year old woman sometimes, I swear).


Anonymous said...

I pretty much had the same experience in Turbokick, and wasnt sure after the first class. I felt totally lost and like a tool to be honest. But I went a couple more times, started learning the "Round" choreography and it got much more funner and junk. :)

The instructor is usually Valerie on Wednesday nights. petite blonde, looks a little like leather stretched over rippling muscles? She's pretty intense and high energy, and no, she never slows down. :) I think I've seen her introduce the combos once for new people. And that was like after a month of doing the classes.

The "mic problem" has been that way for a few weeks now. WTF? Its really difficult to do her particular TurboKick class without it for sure. Best thing to do is watch the advanced girls who are usually in the front left of the class, they know the "Rounds" and might be easier to follow.

TK is an insane cardio workout though, once you get comfortable with the moves and choreo.

Tamara said...


Yep, it was Valerie! And yeah, I felt like a tool too, especially when we did moves that involved turning around in circles; I was totally going the opposite direction most of the time, haha.

Thanks for the feedback! Good to know that it will get better over time.