Monday, April 26, 2010

Marvelously Mushy.

Just a quick lunch post with a little experiment of mine...

Bear with me here... Santa Fe Tortilla Wrap + smashed avocado + smashed mini-banana + cinnamon + drizzle of honey = pretty damn awesome!

I bought some avocados over the weekend without any particular use in mind, and this is what I made up in my head last night as I was going to sleep.

Served with some carrots on the side:

Couple of things I'll do differently next time:

-Don't mash the banana (I'm not weird about most textures when it comes to food, but when it comes to the overall experience of eating this wrap, I think leaving the banana as-is would've been more enjoyable).

-Serve at room temperature, if possible. I took this with me to work and had to leave it in the fridge for a while, so I lost some of the flavor of the avocado and the banana. I could've heated it up in the microwave I suppose, but I didn't want the tortilla to get too soft either... Probably easier to make and serve at home.

I'm trying to experiment with avocado in sweeter applications, so this was definitely a win! The honey and cinnamon added such nice touches too.

That's all for now. May/may not post dinner pics later tonight...


Mari said...

That sounds so good! I love when people come up with crazy combos!

Tamara said...


If you love avocado and bananas, it's pretty much a must-try! I'll also experiment with adding other stuff to it next time, like maybe strawberries or shredded coconut.

StopHurtingAmerica said...

That sounds delicious! So gonna try this first chance I get!