Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take 2.

Since we had leftover awesome BBQ Bleu Cheese Burgers for dinner last night, I decided to take more pictures since the first set sucked so bad. These aren't the best, but definitely an improvement:

This time, we added sautéed mushrooms/onions and some tomato. On the side, I made some roasted brussel sprouts. I made a lot more than what's pictured, but ate about half while waiting for the onions and mushrooms to finish cooking, heh. When they're warm and crispy like that, I just eat them like popcorn. Kinda scary.

Haven't worked out yet today and having a hard time getting motivated because I'm still dealing with a blistered toe. It's been bothering me all week and I probably should've taken more breaks earlier in the week in terms of exercise, but I got stubborn and didn't. Today Doug and I were walking around the mall and I pretty much limped the whole time. Buh. It's wrapped in Curad blister pads already, so I'm not sure what else to do. I'm feeling restless, lazy, in pain, bored and wanting to sweat all at once. I guess I could ride my exercise bike and lift some weights. Or I could watch cartoons on the couch... I hate the Sunday Blues. They leave me so indecisive and depressed.

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