Friday, February 12, 2010

Amazing Grass giveaway!

Since I've been all about Amazing Grass these days, I wanted to share an Amazing Grass giveaway with my readers. Thanks to Christie from Honoring Health for giving me the head's up!

Have a somewhat busy evening planned, as we need to run errands to pick up all of the necessities for our V-day dinner special tomorrow (yes, we're just going to celebrate on Saturday because Sundays are lame). But I'm still planning on cooking dinner tonight as well (shrimp and grits, anyone?), so pics to follow either later this evening or tomorrow. Didn't bother posting pics for today's breakfast and lunch because it was basically the same as yesterday (oatmeal and leftover tofu pizza).

Also, be on the lookout for more Jari Love DVD reviews in the next couple of weeks! I am officially a fan-girl after quickly becoming hooked on her Get Extremely Ripped! 1000 DVD. I even ordered an aerobic step so I can kick things up a notch and burn even more calories by following the step moves.

I ordered Get Ripped! Slim & Lean, an older Get Ripped! and her latest Body Rock!. She's all about incorporating strength and resistance training, and if you're familiar with my workout history, you know that I pretty much hate it and have a hard time getting motivated to strength train regularly. I don't know what it is about her format, but it just really works for me. Even though I always have  hated lunges (and probably always will), her manner of instruction motivates me enough to not only suffer through them, but actually kinda look forward to doing more of them because of how she mixes them in with other good moves (and because of how much they perk up my thighs and ass ;P)

The reviews of the 3 new DVDs I ordered all seem to agree that the workouts are challenging (even for advanced exercisers) and deliver results, so count me in. Look out Jillian Michaels- I think I might have a new fitness idol.

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