Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wrap Rap.

For dinner last night, I was in the mood for some eggs (or some egg substitute, rather). Since I've been on my oatmeal/greek yogurt/cottage cheese kick for breakfast the past several weeks, I decided it was high time I show my All Whites carton some love.

I threw some fresh spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic/onion powder, kosher salt and black pepper in a pan to cook down. Then I added the egg whites:

Meanwhile, I prepped a Santa Fe Tortilla with some mozzarella and feta:

Once the egg stuff was done, I plopped it onto the tortilla, folded it in half and returned it to the pan for some hot, crispy grilling action:

Final results:

Good grief, I need a better camera. Anywho. It was deeeelish! Super-drippy though, thanks to all the moisture from the veggies and egg whites. I tried to let it all cook off as much as I could, but I didn't want to burn it either. Ah well. Quick, tasty, filling meal.

And for dessert, I just wanted something small and rich, so I headed to the pantry and found these lil' hotties:

I savored each bite. I would have preferred some Peanut Butter & Co. PB, but that stuff is like crack and not particularly safe for me to keep in the house. So instead, I buy Skippy and PB2. This way, I have PB around when I want a reasonable serving, but I'm not obsessed with the flavor to the point where I want to eat it out of the jar with a big-ass spoon (see PB & Co.'s white chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. Holy funbags. Orgasm in a jar).

Some day I'll feel safer around certain foods, but I'm not quite there yet. Baby steps.

Not pictured is the onion ring I ate at quiz and the Yoplait Red Velvet Cake yogurt I had before bed.

We got home later than usual, so I slept in until 6 am this morning and skipped my planned yoga workout. Ah well. I've been slightly drained this week, so it's a well-deserved day off. Tomorrow, I'll either head to the gym or try out my latest DVD:

The reviews on Amazon list breakdowns of all the moves that are covered, so I think it'll be a pretty good workout. Plus, her abs terrify me, so that's probably a good sign that it'll be effective. I'm not expecting it to be as intense as the Jari Love DVD, but hopefully it'll come close.

Probably won't post any new food pics for today. Just feeling lazy and kinda blah. Doug's having dinner with his parents tonight, so I'll be on my own. Not sure if I want to whip up something with beans or just skip cooking altogether and head to Subway... Hmm...

And, what the crap, tomorrow's Friday already? Seems like yesterday was just Monday. Anywho. Hope everyone's week is gong well!


Cheryl Ahonen said...

How many calories (intake) do you average a day?

Tamara said...

Anywhere between 1400 and 1800, depending on my activity. Everything I ate yesterday came out to 1526.

Jocelyn @ Peace.Love.Nutrition said...

I love Jackie! I've never tried her work outs but i love the show!