Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fried Fish.

Quick dinner recap. Went to Rock Bottom Brewery for some fish 'n'... well, broccoli? Started with a beer first though:

It was call the 719 Light Brew or something like that. Tasty light beer!

Then, food time:

Got the Smoked Salmon Fish 'n' Chips, but ditched the fries for broccoli. Served with coleslaw and some remoulade sauce. Soooo good! I also had my share of malt vinegar.

Some [crappy] close ups of the salmon chunks:

Definitely hit the spot. I ate half and brought the leftovers home. Why yes, I think I will have fried fish for breakfast tomorrow, thank you very much.

Turning in for the night. Having a glass of wine and watching Chowder because we're super-serious and mature like that. Happy weekend!

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