Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feed me, Seymour!

Ah, crap. Eating way too much today (lots of stuff not pictured, trust me)! I need to do a better job of preparing (mentally, mostly) for days when I do tough strength/cardio combo workouts early in the morning because I know that I'm going to be hungrier than usual. Nothing wrong with eating when I'm hungry of course, but I'm definitely more prone to snacking on a whim which totally adds up over the course of a day. Buh. Anywho.

Pre-dinner snack:

Free sample Zone bar. Caramel Toffee flavor. Tasted like neither caramel nor toffee. Glad it was free. I pretty much inhaled it though because I was "like, totally starving!" and because it had a good mix of vitamins and protein.

Mini Big Hunk bar (Mini Hunk?), x 2. Did I buy these in bulk on Amazon? Yes, yes I did. I've loved Big Hunk bars ever since I was a kid and I couldn't resist the smaller size. And you can't exactly inhale them like a lot of other candy bars, which is good. You gotta work at 'em for a while.


Immediately after the snacks, I was still "like, totally starving!", or so I thought, so I slapped together a quick dinner with some leftovers from the fridge.

Seasoned black beans mixed with salsa, fat-free shredded cheddar and topped with avocado chunks (!!!). On the side, spaghetti squash with salsa and diced onions. Did I get crazy and mix everything together in a big bowl of Awesome? Ah, you know me too well:

Pretty sure avocado makes everything better. Holy crap. Definitely super-filling, so hopefully it doesn't get lost in my bottomless pit of a stomach. I was planning a Jackie Warner workout in the morning, but maybe I should take the day off... I don't want another another day of faux-hunger!

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