Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nothing says "tough" like a sweat band.

So what was more exciting than trying a new workout DVD this morning? Getting to wear my new sweat band!

Chuckle if you must, but I've needed one of these for so long now, it's ridiculous. I wear glasses and can't tell you how many times I've blurted out expletives when big drops of sweat all of the sudden appear on my lenses. It's especially bad when doing things in plank position and during push-ups, so I finally took action. And y'know what? It's awesome. Super-absorbent, leaving my glasses and eyes sweat-free!

Ok, enough of that. Time for some fitness DVD feedback! Today's option was:
Not bad! It's broken up into three 20 minute workouts (upper body, lower body and core), so I decided to be ballsy and do all three.

It definitely moves muuuuch slower than her Power Circuit Training DVD, but I kinda appreciated that this time around.

All of the workouts have you do 2-3 strength/resistance moves for about 1 minute each and then you do 1-2 cardio moves in between. For example, after doing a minute of bicep curls and a minute of shoulder presses, you break out into some basic jab punches.

Although cardio moves are added, I can't say my heart rate got very high for very long, nor did I sweat very much over 60 minutes. BUT, I of course worked my muscles over pretty damn good. The lower body segment of course included tons of different squats and lunges that I have done before, but Jackie combined them in ways that were new to me. Probably one of my favorite moves was called a Box Squat (or maybe it was called a Box Lunge??... can't remember exactly) where you squat to the side and then do a forward lunge, alternating both sides. As much as I hate lunges, I really liked this move because it incorporated squats, which I don't mind as much.

A couple of things I noticed (and appreciated) were my breathing and my form. Since the pace of the workout is a tad slower, I found myself really focusing on my form and therefore getting more out of each move. And since my muscles were working harder, my breathing was more focused. It's not like I usually hold my breath every time I work out, I just noticed that making a conscious effort to breathe steadily really helped me move along through the moves and made me feel stronger.

The core segment was, as expected, BRUTAL. Again, maybe I just have wussy abs, but I found myself taking more breaks during this segment because the burn just got to be too much at times. Luckily though, there was one girl doing alternate moves which made a lot of them easier on my back and neck. And be prepared; the cardio moves in the ab section definitely sneak up on you! She throws in mountain climbers, half-burpees (same thing as Jillian Michaels' squat thrusts) and walking planks, all of which I hadn't done in a while and really had to push through.

So, despite the slower pace an decreased sweat output (perhaps the new sweat band is to blame?), I still enjoyed this DVD. It kind of reminded me of a slower, stretched out version of 30 Day Shred, but still moves fast enough that it doesn't feel like a full hour. And I already know I'll be feeling that post-burn soreness soon. In fact, I already am. My quads were already a bit sore from my run yesterday, and now they're all nice and burn-y from all of those lunges and squats. Woo!

Alright, time for pics. I took my breakfast, lunch and snack photos all at once this morning to save time and prevent multiple posts.


Quick egg scramble in a bowl. Used 1/2 cup egg substitute, 1/4 cup fat-free shredded cheese and a couple spoonfuls of fresh salsa. Stirred and microwaved for about 2:30.

Half a cup of sweet lil' blueberries.

Cold coffee with about 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze.

Morning snack:

A slice of Honey Whole Wheat with a packet of Barney Butter.


Two slices of leftover spinach & mushroom pizza with a pear on the side.

Afternoon snack:

Baby carrots and light string cheese.

Skipping dinner pics tonight since it will more than likely be more leftover pizza. Later!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Do your glasses slide off your nose? When I wear mine to work out (which is rare - no matter how much my eyes hurt from being tired, I stick in my contacts), I use a sports band thingy to keep them on. I call it my nerd string. The arms of the glasses stick into little holes and I can make the string tight so the glasses stay on my face.

Tamara said...

My glasses don't slide off very much, they just get smudgy and wet, haha. I have contacts, but rarely wear them.

Haha- nerd string. My mom's actually an optician, so I should ask her about getting one of those.