Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I managed to be super-productive this morning and got caught up on some things, so I figured I'd squeeze in a quick snack post:

Yoplait Greek Yogurt (Honey Vanilla flavor) and some orange bell pepper strips.

I've been hearing mixed reviews about the Yoplait Greek yogurt, so I finally decided to try it for myself. It was on sale at the store and I haven't made it to Costco yet to stock up on my usual Fage, so I figured, eh, why not?

Is it a good Greek yogurt? No, not at all. My favorites are Fage and Chobani and Yoplait totally dropped the ball on achieving that super thick, creamy texture. It's still creamy, but the consistency is still pretty much the same as their regular yogurt (a little on the runny side).

As for the flavor, it was... Ok. Not terrible, but not the best. I didn't read the label close enough, so I was expecting actual honey at the bottom, not just honey flavoring. I added a splenda packet and that definitely helped, but there was still something off about the overall flavor that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

All in all, as a regular yogurt, it wasn't bad. It's still a fat-free option packed with tons of protein (which I still found just as filling as my usual Greek stuff), so in that respect, I'm a happy camper. I still have another container left (I think it's either plain or vanilla flavored?) and will have no qualms about eating it again. But as "Greek" yogurt, I thought it was pretty much a fail.

Before I get back to work, I thought I'd also share the SHAPE Magazine Sexier Body Workout that I did this morning. I really liked it!

And I have a confession to make... I've been subscribed to a few different health/fitness magazine for almost 2 years now and this is the first workout routine that I've actually tried. Silly, I know. I always look at the routines they publish every month and usually to take them with a grain of salt because they're mostly strength-based or "look too easy." Well, now that I'm less of a hater on strength training, I busted this particular routine out 3 times back-to-back and it was an awesome challenge! I jogged 1/2 mile before and after to make for a more balanced workout. I felt so good afterward! And my arms are still throbbing, which I kinda love sometimes, haha.

Anywho, since I loved that one so much, I'm probably going to start going through older issues I've been hoarding and clipping out more routines that I ignored in the past. Variety makes me a happy girl.

I'll be back tonight with lunch/snack/dinner pics. Later!


Anonymous said...

I have never tried the Yoplait Greek Yogurt. Thanks for informing me, won't be trying that now. But have you tried Voskos Greek yogurt? It has that really thick and creamy texture. This is the Greek yogurt I stick to, especially the honey flavor.

Tamara said...


Hmm, I don't recall seeing that brand in any of the stores around here, but I'll keep a better eye out next time I go shopping. Thanks!