Monday, October 19, 2009

Adventures in Parsnipping.

This morning, I tried a parsnip for the first time. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and decided it was time to bust into it before it went bad.

I peeled it and grated it. Tossed about 1/2 cup into a skillet with some cooking spray, garlic powder, onion powder, salt & pepper. I was going for kind of a hash-brown type of thing. I let it cook for a few minutes, then added some egg beaters and cooked it all through. Sprinkled a little bit of parmesan on top.


I wish I could say it was an awesome new food discovery, but it wasn't. To be honest, I gagged through every other bite. And I'm almost certain it was because I didn't cook the parsnip through properly. I think it's one of those things that needs enough cook time to tone down that... I dunno... Minty taste? Not sure if minty is the right word. It's not really bitter, but there's definitely a distinct flavor in there that could potentially be eliminated (or at least lessened) by proper roasting with oil or something. I still have about a cup and a half left to play around with. It wasn't the worst thing ever, it just wasn't the best choice to mix with eggs. There's still potential for me to love it, so I'll try something new over the next day or so.


egg beaters- 1
parsnip w/ parmesan- 1
crustless pumpkin pie- 1

apple- 1
vitatop- 1
carrot- 0
PB2- 1

salad w/ dressing- 1
l.c. wrap- 1
turkey- 1
f.f. cheese- 1
broccoli slaw- 0

acorn squash- 2
pomegranate arils- 1

Skillet Cassoulet (my version, sans breadcrumbs)- 5

pumpkin & s.f. pudding- 2
frozen yogurt- 4
vitaop- 2
lean cuisine pizza- 7
almonds/dried cranberries- 4

total points used: 37/22
activity points: 23 min. lifting routine- 2
net points: 35
WAPs: -13/35 remaining

Weighed myself this morning and it would appear that I undid the damage from Friday's binge. I don't want to jinx anything, but I think if I stay on-track the next few days, I'll be in good shape at the next weigh-in.

I'm thinking of trying this Cassoulet recipe for dinner tonight. I got a sampler pack of different chicken sausages a couple of weeks ago, so I'm pretty sure there's at least a couple of varieties that would work well. Seems easy enough. Plus I have some leftover tomato paste in the fridge that I need to use up.

Lastly, I took the day off from work, hence no snacks or lunch planned as of yet.


Did some lifting.

Today's routine:
-5 min warm-up (jump rope, jumping jacks, butt kicks)
-4 sets squats, 12 reps (jump rope in between sets)
-4 sets, 12 bench presses (burpees in between sets)

I think at the next routine, I'll try some shoulder presses. Those squats are still killing me, which means I'm gonna keep doing them, haha.

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