Monday, October 5, 2009

(***If you're new to the blog, feel free to read my introductory posts and my Not-so-secret-Secret to Weight Loss.)


egg beaters- 1
spinach/tomato- 0
banana- 2

9 almonds- 1
apple- 1
carrot sticks- 0
PB2- 1

leftover chili- 4
f.f. shredded cheese- 1
popcorn ball -1

cucumber/tomato salad- 0
lightfull smoothie- 1

leftover chili- 4
f.f. shredded cheese- 1
corn tortillas- 1

banana- 2
s.f. mousse- 1

total points used: 22/22
activity points: Biggest Loser Boot Camp, all levels- 3.5
WAPs: 20/35 remaining

I really need to get some more fat in before the day's over.


Another Monday of BL Boot Camp. Got to try out one of my new resistance bands and I like it a lot better than my other one. Much easier to handle and adjust for when I want to add more resistance.

The new weight bench is set up! So excited. And also debating whether or not I should go to the gym tomorrow for cardio or stay at home and lift. Decisions, decisions.

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