Monday, October 12, 2009


This past weekend just didn't jive with me, in terms of self-control. I found myself wasting points and just not caring. And never again will I order Holey Donuts. That was the main issue. You'd think I'd have my will power in check by now, but not with those blasted things in the house. Overall, I just found myself bouncing back and forth between caring, not caring and giving in to emotional whims, which I haven't done in ages. And now the scale is up almost 5 pounds from Friday. Go me.

But, it's a new day and still early in the week. As always, there's never any point in dwelling on what I did wrong. Just need to look forward and get over it. I also need to keep in mind that since I had such a huge loss last week, that a gain is definitely possible this week. And while I can't necessarily avoid that, I can at least lessen the blow by staying focused from here on out.


chicken breakfast sausages- 2
kashi cereal w/ almond milk- 1

apple- 1
carrot/cucumber- 0
hummus- 1

leftover meatball stew- 6

lightfull smoothie- 1

chicken- 3
asparagus w/ olive oil- 1
baked fries- 3

PB2 wrap- 2
1/2 holey donut (they're almost gone!)- 1
s.f. mousse- 1
strawberries- 0

total points used: 23/22
activity points: 55 min. HIIT routine- 7
net points: 22
WAPs: 9/35 remaining

Need to think of something for dinner that involves chicken and asparagus. Probably something simple... And maybe some sort of potatoes on the side.


The guilt from all of the sugar I ate last night set in and I decided I needed to torch some calories at the gym, instead of doing my usual Monday Biggest Loser Boot Camp routine. Not sure if I'll do Boot Camp tomorrow or push it off until later in the week. For now, the plan is gym again tomorrow, weight lift on Wednesday, gym on Thursday and then Boot Camp on Friday. I think that'll be a nice change of pace.

Anywho, today's routine:
-10 min. warm-up run
-15 min. incline training
-15 min stair master
-10 min. elliptical
-5 min. rowing


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I've been debating ordering Holey Donuts but I know myself and donuts...I'll probably eat them all in one day!

fatfighter said...

Holey Donuts are dangerous to have around, aren't they? They are so good! When I order them, I invite other people over to eat them or I am in trouble!

Tamara said...

My boyfriend has been eating some of them with me, but yeah, just not worth the temptation (or the money) for me. Lesson learned!