Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pump up the jams.

So, while the boyfriend is putting together my weight bench (I'm on-call if he needs help, heh), I thought I'd share my workout playlist (sorted by artist). And for some reason, the images aren't displaying in full. It looks fine in Google Reader though, FYI:

I should probably make more of a regular effort to mix in more artists, but I have so much damn music in my main collection that I'm just too lazy some of the time.

I sometimes forget how important music is during a workout. It really is like fuel for me. The handful of times I've forgotten my shuffle at home were some of the worst workouts I've had.


Cheryl said...

We vs. the Sharks! That's my friend Sam's band!

Tamara said...


Danielle said...

Only one song I've heard. Q and not U Horray for Humans! hehe.