Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paying for an old friend.

So, I have a confession to make... I re-signed up with Weight Watchers Online this morning. I know- "What? Why? Weren't you doing just fine following your own free version?" Yes, yes I was.

To be honest, the main reason I signed up again was so I can (hopefully) have a shot at becoming a WW employee. I know, it's not the smartest idea to invest money in something if the outcome isn't guaranteed. Yes, I'm basically gambling right now, but it's not so bad. I was able to sign up through my insurance provider's website at a discounted rate, so that made the decision a little easier (and budget-friendly).

I suppose becoming a leader some day would be cool, but right now, I'd just like to find a receptionist position and go from there. I've never actually been to a meeting, so I have no clue what it's like, aside from my vague memories from when my mom and I used to go when I was 12.

And truthfully, even though I've been successful without all of the official WW tools, I still missed having full access to the site. It saved some of my data from before and I was also able to go back and enter all of my previous weights back to September 2008.

Lastly, I think knowing that I'm paying for this will make me more accountable and keep me focused, much like my gym membership. It probably seems silly, but I do have a renewed sense of motivation right now and feel happy with my decision.

I know with the economy, the chances of me getting hired with them are probably slim-to-none, but at the very least, they can guide me to my goal and I can finally experience the joy of being dubbed a Lifetime Member. (And hey, I might have a shot at being one of their published success stories too! Heh heh.) I've been corresponding via e-mail with a lady who I'm assuming is a local WW employee, so hopefully that will keep me on their radar (she initially contacted me after I filled out the online employment application form a few nights ago). We'll see where things go.

I'm still following the Points plan (I still can't comprehend the Simply Filling plan, so I need to read up on that to see if I want to try it down the road), but I'm trying to get used to how they treat activity points and weekly allowance points now. They basically swapped them. When I heard about this idea a few months ago, I thought it was silly, but I guess it's ok. It doesn't really change how I earn activity points, but it is kind of nice to see I still have "banked" activity points left this week, as opposed to negative allowance points on my old spreadsheet. Sometimes little changes like that can be the mental boost I need to get through the week, haha.

ANYWHO, I'm happy. I love Weight Watchers, always loved the approach and philosophy and it feels great to "be back," in a sense. In fact, I think I'll look into trying a meeting soon. I'm not sure if they still give free meeting vouchers to Online members, but I suppose it's worth checking out. I just have this itch to get involved with the program in any way that I can.

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Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that I read everyday, it's just tougher for me to comment on this than LJ, especially at work. But I thought I would take the time now to say HEY!

That's awesome that you are able to get a discounted rate on your WW online. Yay for you. And that's totally fine that you signed back up for the reason that you did. Do what you gotta do. I always thought about doing that too, working at WW part time, but meh, like you I never went to a meeting, so I don't want to work at the office.

We are so frickin the same, it's scary. The reason why I keep signing up and paying for it is because it does make me more accountable. If I'm paying for it, I'm going to use it and it's going to work dammit.

Have you heard about being published as a success story? everyone keeps telling me to submit my story, but you have to get a lawyer to draw up some papers for you so that you are truthful in saying that WW is what helped you lose the weight. It'd cost a a hundred or so dollars.. if not more. No thanks, I'm good.

I do not like how they've changed the APs & WAPs. I like eating my APs and saving my bonus points. Altho I do like change, WW worked for me the other way, so why change what works, right? But then I got lazy and annoyed with the points again, and I found that I was eating too much fake sugary crap and not logging stuff properly. Whatever, we all know I'll sign back up.