Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dinner last night was awesome. I made my version of Chicken with Portobello Mushrooms & Artichoke Hearts. It was adapted from this original version. The main differences are that I used half the oil, chicken broth (instead of beef) and red wine instead of brandy. I baked a potato on the side and let it soak up the extra broth. So friggin' yum.


f.f. cottage cheese w/ pumpkin- 2
kashi cereal- 1

apple- 1
carrot/bell pepper- 0
hummus- 1
9 almonds- 1

leftover chicken/mushroom/artichoke- 5
broccoli slaw- 0
f.f. french dressing- 1

lightfull smoothie- 1

l.c. wrap- 1
tuna- 2
light mayo- 1
acorn squash- 2

frozen yogurt- 2
vitatop- 1

total points used: 22/22
activity points: BL Boot Camp, all levels- 3
WAPs: -13/35 remaining

Quiz tonight, assuming the weather doesn't get shittier than it already is, so I'm planning a quickie-meal for dinner. Probably mashed acorn squash and a tuna salad wrap. Or soup. Not sure yet.


Did some Biggest Loser Boot Camp this morning. Didn't push myself as hard, so I burned about 50 calories less than usual. I'll either hit the gym tomorrow or do a Jillian Michaels DVD at home.

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