Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Damn my impulses.

Gaaahhhh. I swear, my impulsiveness will be the death of me some day. Soooo, basically ignore that last post. I already canceled the online WW membership. Again.

Had I taken the time to read about what it takes to be a Lifetime member, I wouldn't have bothered in the first place. After another exchange of e-mails with the WW employee lady, I have to lose 5 pounds through meetings, maintain for 6 weeks and so on. Online members can't become Lifetime members, which I suppose makes sense, but the cost difference for meetings just wasn't going to fly with my budget, even with my insurance company's discount. I could justify the online membership costs, but the meetings would just be putting me further into the hole each month.

Bah. So frustrating! And really, I've just lost too much weight already. I should've re-joined when I still had 20 pounds to lose. I thought about it, but wasn't taking WW employment as seriously at the time. And I'll be damned if I'm going to purposefully GAIN weight and spend more money just to get back into the program. I can't pretend that doing something like that would make sense.

So I basically wasted a little money for one-month of an online subscription. Not the worst thing in the world (I'll still use it through November for the accountability reasons I mentioned before), but just sort of retarded all around. All because I'm too impatient (and bored).

As far as the weight part is concerned, I don't want to re-adjust my goal below 148, because I honestly don't think I can maintain anything below that. Plus, I'm close to losing 5 pounds on my own already, duh. ANYWHO...

I'm just irritated. I wanna go to grad school for the master's in Health Promotion, but all of the classes are offered during the day when I work (which sucks, because the school would pay for the classes since I work at the same school). I want to become a personal trainer, but I need to tone up first, THEN invest a good chunk of change in the training materials and the exams. I just feel like I should be out there doing SOMETHING related to health and weight-loss (and let's be honest, getting paid for it), but I keep hitting these stupid roadblocks that put everything on hold indefinitely.

I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling a void in my life right now because I'm not making a living doing something I love and feel represents my interests (I know, welcome to the club, right?). It's frustrating knowing what you want to do, but not having the resources (or time or money) to do it.

So here I am, an amateur who lost over 90 pounds, is certified in nothing and has a lot of debt, haha. Good grief.

Oh, and on top of that, I'm coming down with a cold. No wonder I wasn't thinking clearly all day.


Danielle said...

That sucks. Maybe if you have a random gain one week (like up 3) you can join that week and then join a meeting to lose. I pay the $39.95 a month for the meetings and it's rough but if you get a discount maybe you can swing it somehow for two months or so until you're lifetime? Obviously you don't want a 3lb gain, lol, but we all have those fluke weeks. Ya know?

Anonymous said...

Again, this is why I never went to meetings - TOO FRICKING EXPENSIVE. And I obviously had enough determination to do it on my own through the site. It does suck that we online members can't become lifetime members. It's dumb. I used your program to lose weight, AND I did it without the motivation of the meetings... hmm.. maybe that's why, because I didn't spend as much as the meeting goers, I don't warrant lifetime status.

I was told that I should become a weightloss coach or something related. I had an urge at that time, when I reached my goal, but now? I can't be bothered. I just like reading and watching things to expand my knowledge, and keep it all to myself.. and nag my husband, which he loves. ha.

Cheer up Charlie. You are awesome.

Tamara said...

Thanks, Tina! I'm so wishy-washy these days, haha. One day I want to be some sort of certified health professional and the next day, I could care less. Having the knowledge to myself is good too, though.

And you totally hit the nail on the head with WW, meetings versus online and the money. They are still a business after all, so I gotta remember that more money makes their world go 'round. Ah well.