Thursday, September 3, 2009

The beginnings of a self-righteous gym rat.


f.f. cottage cheese w/ blueberries- 2
light english muffin- 1
coffee w/ .25 cup almond milk- 0

carrot sticks- 0
PB2- 1

sandwich thin- 1
chicken slices- 1
r.f. pepperjack- 1
2 cups WW progresso vegetable soup- 2

9 almonds- 1
soy nut mix- 2

salmon- 3
spinach/tomatoes/splash white wine- 1
6 brussel sprouts w/ 1 tsp. olive oil- 1
1 oz. avocado- 1

9 almonds- 1
3 prunes- 1
fudge bar- 1
almond milk- 1
grapes- 1
cantaloupe- 1

total points used: 24/23
activity points: 45 min. incline training- 6
net points: 23
WAPs: 35/35 remaining

Still not sure what my afternoon snack will be. Either a Lightfull smoothie or a packet of soy nut mix. Dinner will be some salmon sauteed with spinach, diced tomatoes, garlic, Ivar's Seafood Seasoning and a splash of white wine. God, it's so friggin' good.


Went to the gym this morning. It was a tough decision because quiz ran late last night and I didn't sleep all that well. But, somehow, between weird dreams and getting overheated, I managed to wake up 6 minutes before 5am. I rolled out of bed and started getting ready.

I was pretty pissed that the incline trainers were taken when I got there. Technically, there was one open, but it wouldn't turn on. So I ran on a regular treadmill for about 10 minutes until an incline trainer opened up. I know I'm not the only one getting up at 5 am to work out before work; I respect every person that I see at the gym for joining me in that decision. But man, I hate it when people hog up the incline trainers and don't turn on the incline! These machines are specially designed to go up to a 30% grade. Yet people use them to walk at 0% at 3.5 mph AND use the handlebars (I'm sorry, but when I see people using the handlebars at that pace, it irritates me. Walking at a moderate pace is one thing, but using the handlebars takes your heart rate down even more).

Anywho, the incline trainers are right in front of the TVs, so they tend to go pretty quick. And when they do, I start getting pissy and judgmental toward the people using them to walk/run at 0% grade when there are a dozen other perfectly good treadmills for the non-incline people. Sigh. I know, I'm being an ass, but if I'm getting up at 5 am to go to the gym, I want my incline trainer without having to wait, dang it! This is why I hope to buy my own someday. Oh, what a happy day that will be.


In other news, I've been weighing myself the past few days and there's no way in hell I'm showing a loss tomorrow. As soon as my period hit on Monday, I shot up 5 pounds over the next few days, despite having a perfect food/exercise week. So depressing. Not only because of the scale, but physically too. I've been doing sit-ups for the past week and finally noticed my stomach smoothing out. But as soon as the period hit, I looked 6 months pregnant. Nice.

I know I said earlier this week that I wasn't going to pay as much attention to the numbers on the scale, but for crying out loud- when the hell am I gonna see 158? It's September already, man! I thought I would see that number in July, August at the latest and it just seems the world is against me every Friday morning. Buh. Oh well.

I'm actually feeling pretty good this morning, so I'll stop trying to put myself in a bad mood over something I simply had no control over this week. One benefit to getting up early to go to the gym is that when I'm done working out and walking to my car, the sun is just starting to come up and the sky looks so beautiful. It really is a good way to start the morning. Then I come home, shower, get dressed and slowly enjoy my breakfast with warm coffee. I don't know, I just have that lovey-dovey-hippy-optimistic feeling before I go to work, which I certainly never had before when I worked out in the evenings, haha.


Danielle said...

Do you think that maybe you're not eating enough? It seems like for you to not use any of the 35 extra and not use all of your AP with the amount of activity you get that your body might not be getting enough calories? Either way - good luck this week!

Tamara said...

That's what I've been playing with lately though... In previous weeks, I would eat almost half of my weekly allowance points and some of my APs.

This is the first week in months where I haven't touched my allowance points, but have still eaten some of my activity points.

I'm aware of how much I'm working out and eating and know I need to keep my body fueled, so I'm trying something new each week in hopes of seeing a change on the scale. We'll see :\

Danielle said...

I can't reply to your new post but I feel ya. I got my monthly visitor last night my weigh-in is tomorrow. I check the scale and BAM I'm already 2 lbs more than I was the other day. :\

Have you tried a week of eating at least 4 of your earned APs a day and not using any of the 35? I used to do that and it worked well for me.

Tamara said...

Yeah, I disabled comments on that post because I was feeling craptastic at the moment, heh.

And thanks for the tip about eating 4 APs. I'll try anything at this point!