Saturday, September 19, 2009

Early bird.

I'm up way too early for a Saturday morning. Though, I've noticed that since getting up at 5 am during the week to work out, the latest I sleep in on the weekends is usually around 6:30. Plus I went to bed at like 9 pm last night, so that didn't help, haha. Yes, I was the old lady in bed by 9 on a Friday night. Oh well. I feel pretty rested.

I also went ahead and had a Lightfull smoothie just now. I usually don't have a pre-workout snack, but since it's so early and I don't realistically see myself at the gym for at least another hour, I figured I should have something.

Went over my points last night, as I tend to do on Fridays. Totally not worried about it though. In looking at previous spreadsheets, I've always lost on the weeks I least expected to (i.e., weeks where I used up all allowance points and even more!). Now, I don't want to go crazy this weekend, but I think I will try and eat most of my allowance points this week and see how I do. I hope I can do it without freaking out and overexercising to make up for it.

Or, I could just do the Wendie Plan for more structure. I'm always hesitant to just wing stuff like this on my own. Last night was pretty much the big high point day anyway, so there's still time to follow the other days. I guess I'll work backwards and do day 2 today, day 1 tomorrow and skip to day 4 on Monday. I think that should work. I just need to go back and fix my points from last night.


lightfull smoothie- 1

almond milk w/ protein powder- 2
PB2- 1

apple- 1
hummus- 1

smart wrap- 1
turkey- 1
hummus- 1
cheese- 1
cucumber- 0
bell pepper- 0

popcorn- 1

Chile Relleno Casserole- 6
sour cream- 1

ice cream- 3
pumpkin bread- 2
kashi waffle- 1
pretzel- 1

total points used: 25/23 (Wendie Plan)
activity points: 50 min. HIIT- 6
net points: 23
WAPs: 20/35 remaining


Yet another HIIT routine at the gym.

Today's routine:
-15 min. run
-20 min. incline training
-15 min. stairmaster


Danielle said...

What is the model/brand of your armband that calculates calories burned? I want to start looking into getting one!

Tamara said...

I have the Polar F11:

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

That casserole sounds really good!