Tuesday, September 29, 2009

(***If you're new to the blog, feel free to read my introductory posts and my Not-so-secret-Secret to Weight Loss.)


protein powder- 1

egg beaters- 1
spinach/onion- 0
light english muffin- 1

9 almonds- 1
apple- 1
carrot sticks- 0
PB2- 1

healthy choice turkey medallions- 4
popcorn ball- 1

9 almonds- 1
protein water- 0

BBQ Zucchini Meatloaf- 5
broccoli- 1
spinach w/ laughing cow wedge- 1

kashi waffle- 1
whipped cream cheese- 1
apple- 1
kashi cereal- 2
dried cranberries- 1
almond milk- 1
ice cream- 8

total points used: 34/22
activity points: 50 min. HIIT routine- 6
net points: 28
WAPs: 29/35 remaining

Made a chili wrap last night with some Hormel fat-free turkey chili. Super-messy and killed my sodium intake for the day, but soooo good. Total comfort junk food, but not too many points.

Thinking of making meatloaf tonight, with BBQ sauce. I've got one zucchini left, so I'll probably shred that and throw it in there. No recipe, just gonna wing it. Some sort of green veggie on the side. There's only one potato left, so either we'll split that or come up with some other type of side. I've kinda been itchin' to make some brown rice lately, but we'll see.


Went to the gym a little early today, but not really by choice. I woke up at 4:30 this morning (again, like yesterday). Ugh. My alarm is set for 5. I HATE waking up before my alarm goes off. And of course, I couldn't fall back asleep for half an hour, so I figured it would be best just to start getting ready.

Since I was up earlier than usual, I went ahead and mixed some Biggest Loser protein powder and drank it as a pre-workout snack. I needed a little vitamin boost to get me going.

The third incline machine is working again and since I was there right when the gym opened, I had first choice. All was perfect until the smelliest man alive decided to use the trainer right next to me. Seriously folks, antiperspirant and clean gym clothes are required before setting foot on a machine. I was planning on doing a longer session of incline training, but the smell was so bad that I had to move. Oh well.

Today's routine:

-5 min. run (didn't feel like running much today, so I just did it to warm up)
-15 min. incline training
-15 min. stair master
-15 min. elliptical/cool-down

Got the new weight set last night! Probably won't have it set up until the weekend though. I still need to clean up/re-organize my workout room a bit. So excited!

Still debating whether or not I want to get up and do yoga tomorrow morning. I really don't want to do anything that involves my legs, haha. I did some good stretching this morning after the gym, but they're still pretty sore from the previous days' strength training. Who knows.


Danielle said...

Don't kill me, lol...what is the heart rate monitor you have? I will save the link this time!

p.s. I was busy the day you met goal and forget if I commented or not. CONGRATS! After losing 100 and not being able to lose my last 30 I've been feeling sad but seeing your commitment has been motivating me. :)

Tamara said...

it's the Polar F11: http://www.amazon.com/Polar-F11-Transmitter-Monitor-Exercise/dp/B000WTYXXO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=watches&qid=1252426249&sr=8-1