Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why am I just now finding out about this?!

Ok, yes, this is my 3rd post for the day- a rarity, I can assure you. But, OH MY GOD, I just discovered (and subsequently fell in love with) this afternoon. Love it. LOVE IT.

Move over, Jillian Michaels; I've found a new no-bullshit fitness hero. And his name is Vic Magary (just kidding- I'll always love Jill).

This site is just bursting with tons of info. But I mean genuinely good info. And I am by no means new to fitness/weight-loss blogs (how this one has slipped through the cracks until now is still baffling to me). There are so many articles out there, all with repetitive or conflicting information, so GymJunkies is like a breath of fresh fucking air.

I've only read a few posts and already discovered things I've been doing wrong (or rather, wasting my time with) when it comes to my diet and exercise routines (specifically, the dreaded weight & resistance training).

First off, I loved his 4 Most Fattening Foods and 10 Favorite Fat-loss Foods lists. I learned a ton from just those two posts alone. The foods themselves weren't new to me at all, it was the info he provided about each one that really forced me to put my current diet into perspective and finally scrutinize it. Yes, I eat pretty healthy, but there's always room for improvement and a lot of the time, I ignore such opportunities.

And while I tend to avoid food lists (they make me flashback to my yo-yo/fad diet days), I also appreciated his Easy Weight-Loss post. It's simple, practical, confirmed a lot of healthy stuff I already eat and gave me some new ideas on other stuff I should be eating.

It's not so much that this guy is showing me the light for the first time, it's just he's presented some new information that I can definitely benefit from at this point in my weight journey. The problem with a lot of the articles I've been reading lately is that they're just re-hashing stuff that really is just not applicable to me anymore. And if he didn't necessarily present brand-spankin' new info, he at least helped me choose sides on various conflicting articles I've read in the past.

Yes, there is a LOT of info on there about bulking up muscle and a few other things that really just don't apply to me, but there's still a wide enough variety of topics to keep me occupied for the next few days.

Regardless of my weigh-in results this week, I'm definitely going to take his advice on food. Less dairy and carbs, in particular. Luckily I read all of this before my next big grocery trip (one more week 'til pay day!), so I"m looking forward to drafting a list over the next few days and really making earnest attempts to plan ahead even more than I do now and try to eliminate even more processed stuff.

I know I'm probably overreacting (after all, it's just a website for crying out loud!), but I REALLY needed a resource like this to re-motivate me and give me ideas on changing up my routine. Trying to figure it out by myself has been tough lately and not as effective as it could be.

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