Sunday, September 20, 2009


protein powder- 0

oatmeal w/ berries & protein powder- 3

pumpkin bread- 2
1/2 c. kashi cereal w/ 1/4 c. almond milk- 1
apple- 1
PB2 sandwich- 2

1/2 serving leftover relleno casserole w/ light sour cream- 4

ice cream- 3
kashi waffles- 3
light syrup- 1
strawberries- 1
cucumber/bell pepper- 0

HG's Cheeseburger Pizza- 4
mexican squash- 1
olive oil- 1

total points used: 27/27 (Wendie Plan)
activity points: 50 min. HIIT routine (6), roller skating (1)- 7
WAPs: 14/35 remaining

I'm thinking leftovers for lunch and maybe HG's Cheeseburger Pizza for dinner (scroll down for the recipe). I actually have some veggie crumbles that I bought on sale a few weeks ago and I grabbed some tortilla wraps yesterday. Quick-fix for a burger craving (I hope). Might make some baked fries on the side too. Mmm.


It was hard getting going to the gym this morning, but I made it. And about 3 minutes into my warm-up run, my shuffle battery dies. I just charged it the day before yesterday. Grrr. So, no music for me. I almost stepped off the treadmill and went home because I NEED music to keep me going. And yes, it has to be my music because quite frankly, I have awesome taste.

Anywho, since I'm doing intervals on different machines, working out in silence wasn't too bad. Time just seemed to go by a little slower at certain points.

Today's routine:
-15 min. run
-15 min. incline training
-20 min. elliptical

The past couple of days I've only worked on 3 machines instead of all 4. Just to change things up. I'll go back to 4 later in the week.

And to make up for not having music, I did finally check out the sauna when I was done. Soooo nice. Great place to do some post-workout stretching. When I get my own house someday, it's totally having a sauna, no exceptions.

Other than that, I'm going roller skating with some friends tonight. I've not been on a pair of quad skates since... Middle school? Elementary school? It'll be interesting to see how I do. I doubt I'll get any real exercise out of it, since I'll be spending most of the time learning how to not fall, haha.

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