Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Payday! Woo!

(***If you're new to the blog, feel free to read my introductory posts and my Not-so-secret-Secret to Weight Loss.)


So the meat loaf recipe from last night? Yeah, don't try it yet. I mean, the flavor was awesome, but the typical meatloaf structure just wasn't there. Needs more breadcrumbs (and probably not the panko variety, which I'm partial to), eggs and probably less sauce and less zucchini. I drained it several times and left it in the oven longer than what I listed and each slice still fell apart when I served it. Just FYI.

egg white- 1
1 oz. avocado- 1
light english muffin- 1

apple- 1
carrot sticks- 0
PB2- 1

leftover meatloaf- 5
spinach w/ laughing cow wedge- 1

lightfull smoothie- 1

chicken breast- 3
bell pepper/tomato- 0
1/2 tsp olive oil/parmesan- 1
white beans- 2

yoplait delight- 2
PB2 sandwich- 2

total points used: 22/22
activity points: yoga (0.5), grocery shopping (1)- 1.5
WAPs: 29/35 remaining

Yeah, went over my points last night with ice cream. I'm usually not one to make excuses for poor food choices, but I'm gonna blame the hormones. Only because after inhaling the cold, creamy, chocolaty, peanut-buttery goodness, I felt loved, not guilty, haha. It was one of those feeding-my-soul moments.


Even though I probably could have slept until six, I still left my alarm set for 5 and did some yoga. I figured I would benefit from the stretching and I think I did. My flexibility and balance are still horrible though. I think I need to try and add the yoga to another one of my other workout days. Probably to a day where I do one of the Gym Junkies workouts, since they're so short, time-wise. I just don't think once a week is enough. Plus, I'm still doing weeks 1-2. I'd like to progress to the next level sometime this year, haha.


Too lazy this morning to rant too long on last night's Biggest Loser. Jillian had a lot of great moments though, I thought. I think it's funny how everyone thinks Tracey is crazy now. Did I or did I not call those Crazy Eyes the first night? I knew she was off from the beginning. Last night, my god. She rocked the scale though, so I can't hate on her too much. Poor Coach Mo.

In other news, it's PAYDAY! i worked on the grocery list for two days, haha. We're to the point where we cleaned out a lot of canned and frozen stuff too. Definitely going to re-stock on a lot of stuff. Especially beans, canned tomatoes and frozen fruits/veggies. I've been craving that stuff a lot lately. I'm even leaving work early today so I can hit up 3 stores. It really is pathetic how excited I am about this.


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I want to watch Biggest Loser now! I totally remember you calling out the crazy eyes. hahaha.


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