Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've had a chance to try those Da Vinci syrups that I ordered. The pumpkin pie one is pretty good, but it tastes best with more milk and cinnamon. The white chocolate one is just awesome. They both have that artificial taste of course, but when buying sugar-free products, that's to be expected. Overall, I'm quite happy with them. Makes for a nice change in my coffee routine.


f.f. cottage cheese w/ berries- 2
kashi waffle- 1
coffee w/ .25 c. almond milk- 0

apple- 1
9 almonds- 1
carrot/celery sticks- 0
PB2- 1

leftover pasta w/ meat & veggie sauce- 8

cucumber/bell pepper- 0
f.f. poppyseed dressing- 1
kashi bar- 2

dinner (planned):
HG Cheeseburger Pizza- 4
broccoli w/ carrots- 1

peaches- .5
PB2 sandwich- 2
cereal- 4

total points used: 28.5/24 (Wendie Plan)
activity points: Biggest Loser Yoga, level one- .5
net points: 28
WAPs: 4/35 remaining

Quiz tonight, so I'm just planning something quick, easy & filling for dinner. I'm not sure why I avoided vegetarian crumbles for so long; they're damn convenient! Low in points and packed with protein too.


Yes, Wednesdays are supposed to be my day off, but I knew I was still gonna wake up at 5 am anyway (it's disgusting that my body is used to being up at that time now), so I figured I would do some yoga to work on my flexibility, give my joints a rest and also feel like I accomplished something for the day. I know it sounds weird, but I really do feel useless when I don't work out and it puts me in a shit mood for the rest of the day.

So I've decided to get back into the Biggest Loser Yoga DVD that we got several months ago and never use. Level one is only 30 minutes (5 min. warm-up, 20 min. workout, 5 min. cool-down), so it feels like enough of a break from my usual workout routine, but still forces me to challenge my body while simultaneously relaxing it. I think this is a nice compromise to taking an entire day off from exercise altogether.

I didn't wear my heart rate monitor because I knew I wouldn't get sweaty enough to keep the chest strap wet, so I estimated that I burned between 50 and 100 cals. I just gave myself half an activity point. I'm not really concerned with getting points for it anyway since it's so low-intensity.

Really worked my arms, especially with all the stuff done in plank position. It kinda sucked, but that's the kind of arm work I need right now. I'm so disappointed in my lack of upper-body strength, so hopefully more yoga (in addition to my strength/resistance training) will help.

Planning on hitting the gym tomorrow for cardio intervals. I'm taking Friday off from work, but will probably go to the gym again or possibly do a P90X workout at home. We'll see.

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