Monday, September 21, 2009

Round and round we go.

Roller skating was pretty fun last night. And quite the workout! Even though it had been a while since I was last in a pair of skates, I was surprised how quickly I picked it up again. Had to take it slower on corners and still couldn't figure out how to stop properly, but other than that, I did pretty well. I even broke out a steady sweat, which was both good and embarrassing, haha. I of course didn't have my heart rate monitor on, but I did give myself an extra activity point for the day. We were there for almost 2 hours. Took a lot of breaks, yes, but I figured I burned at least and extra 100 calories, if not more. It was fun to get out of the house for a bit and work off that post-dinner bloat.


f.f. cottage cheese w/ s.f. smuckers- 2
kashi waffle- 1
coffee w/ .25 c. almond milk- 0

apple- 1
carrots/celery- 0
PB2- 1
9 almonds- 1

lean cuisine roasted turkey- 5
cucumber/bell pepper strips- 0
kashi bar- 2

protein water- 0

chicken breast- 3
BBQ sauce- 1
zucchini- 0
potato- 2
olive oil- 1

pumpkin bread- 2
almond milk- 1

total points used: 23/22 (Wendie plan)
activity points: Biggest Loser Boot Camp, all levels- 3.5
net points: 22
WAPs: 14/35 remaining

Pulled out some chicken for dinner. Still trying to think of what to do with it. We still have some zucchini and mexican squash from my grandma, as well as some potatoes.

And I'm excited for my sugar-free syrups to get delivered today! I ordered some Da Vinci ones from Netrition. They were supposed to be delivered Friday, but got mis-routed, so I had to wait until today. I got pumpkin pie and white chocolate. Hello delicious, low-point lattes! I'll let you know how they taste.


Did the B.L. Boot Camp DVD again this morning. The more I do it, the more I kinda love it. Even though it starts off at some what of a beginner's level, there's still enough variety and so many opportunities to make things more challenging. There are a lot of lunges which are always a challenge for me, no matter what level of fitness I'm at. And today, I tried using heavier weights on some of the bicep routines and I could really feel the difference.

I might do it again tomorrow. I'm debating between that and No More Trouble Zones. I like the Boot Camp DVD slightly better though because it incorporates enough cardio to boost my heart rate and get me into a steady sweat, while still getting in a lot of strength/resistance training. The Jillian Michaels' DVD doesn't do that as much, but there are still a lot of good moves. I dunno. We'll see what I feel like in the morning.

All in all, the workout left me feeling pretty damn refreshed, considering it's Monday morning.

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