Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Link time!

Although I already have a permanent list of links goin' on the left side of the blog page, I thought it might be fun/helpful for some of you if I dedicated an occasional post to some new sites I've discovered, along with a short 'n' sweet description of why I'm so excited about them.

***Gym Junkies: Yes, I've already mentioned it several times over the past few days, but one more official mention won't hurt. It's just a good site that breaks down the awesome results you can get from weights and resistance training.

Vic's made some minor changes to the site over the past few days, so the 4-week Fat Loss Routine that I'm doing appears to be no longer available. HOWEVER, please visit the articles section of his site. There, everything is more organized and easier to sort through. And you can still access the Beginner's Workout Plan for free, which is very similar to the 4-week fat loss plan that I'm following.

Also note how he posted a few routines that don't require any equipment. Obviously, to get the best results, you're better off with access to weights, but you can certainly benefit from equipment-free moves that Vic suggests. Trust me, if you do enough burpees, you can (and will) get a kick-butt, heart-pumping workout done in a matter of minutes.

***Alwyn Cosgrove: I found this site through Gym Junkies. What I like about it is the time Alwyn takes to find and post pretty solid research about weight-loss/fat-burn through resistance training. Some of the posts get pretty scientific, but that's primarily why I like it so much. I'm a fan of science to begin with and reading about science in terms of weight-loss is almost my equivalent of a trashy romance novel, as enjoyed by a bored housewife.

I was particularly intrigued by the 480's Metabolic Circuit post. I wanna try it, but I have no idea how to set up that band for band jumps, or how to even go about getting one, haha. Is it sad that one of the main reasons why I want to win loads of money is so I can have my own fully stocked gym someday? Sigh.

***Lose Stubborn Fat (Josh Hillis): This is another blog I found through Gym Junkies, so all the credit goes to Vic, once again. I must warn you guys right off the bat; there are a lot of posts about "celebrity" bods and how they keep fit. No, sorry, I don't give a shit about what Lauren Conrad eats or what Hugh Jackman's Wolverine workout consists of. BUT, that all aside, there's also some really helpful info on how to keep your diet in check and how to get the most out of your workouts.

And, although some might find the wording a *tad* offensive, I actually really enjoyed his post, What Fat People Can Teach You About Getting Abs. It states, quite simply, why excuses are bullshit and won't get you any closer to your goal. Definitely something to re-read occasionally now and as I head into maintenance (whenever that happens, heh).


You'll probably notice a common theme with these blogs; they're all pretty much maintained by personal trainers/fitness professionals. There are loads of others out there in the same vein, so start exploring! On the pro side, these blogs are loaded with LOTS of helpful and more importantly CONSISTENT information on how to approach fitness and diet. I've been learning something new each day since last week.

On the con side, most of them are always trying to push their own "complete body transformation program," so be prepared for sales pitches in between good posts. Some of them might be really good programs too, but due to the sheer abundance of personal trainers online, I'll be skeptical and pass for now, thanks.

And yes, as you can tell, I'm all about learning about resistance training right now. Why? Because I used to hate it and avoided it all throughout my weight-loss journey. Now, the more I read about it and the benefits it provides (versus cardio on its own), the more fascinated and motivated I am to push through and put forth some honest effort. I WANT to be stronger, therefore I HAVE to do more resistance training. It's as simple as that.

It all boils down to wanting something and accepting the fact that I have to work at it if I truly want results. There are no shortcuts here, people. Not sure if I've mentioned that yet or not, but just in case you were wondering... NO SHORTCUTS. (I promise I'm not trying to yell at you, just trying to beat the concept into my own head to help stick to the plan I've set up for myself.)

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