Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well, somehow, I was motivated yet again to head to the gym on a cold, cloudy weekend morning. I was out of bed by 7 and made it to the gym a little after 8. I was going to do some sort of DVD at home, but also had an itch to do another big sweat session with machines, so off I went. I figured to sooner I went, the sooner I could come home and shove breakfast food into my mouth, haha.


f.f. greek yogurt w/ pumpkin (yeah, even after adding lots of Splenda, still wouldn't recommend this. stick with berries and other fruits.)- 2
pumpkin bread- 2

leftover green chile w/ beef, beans, tomatoes- 6
f.f. shredded cheese- 1
corn tortillas- 1

PB2 sandwich- 2
s.f pudding w/ pumpkin- 2

sandwich thin- 1
boca vegan burger- 1
cheese- 1
sweet potato- 3

apple- 1

total points used: 23/22
activity points: 50 min. running/incline training- 6
net points: 22
WAPs: 20/35 remaining


I kept things a bit more simple today and stayed on one machine to do some running and incline training.

- 20 min. run (2 miles)
- 20 min. incline training
- 10 min. run/cool-down walk

After I did that, I swung by the weight room for a bit. I used one of those arm machines that's like an exercise bike, but the "pedals" are raised up so you pedal with your hands/arms. Never tried it before, but it was pretty cool. Definitely could feel it working my biceps, triceps and abs. Then I did a few reps on another arm machine and finished off with 50 reps on the leg press. I wasn't there very long; probably less than 5 minutes, but I figured it was better than no weights at all.

I think I might try to go to the gym more on the weekends versus during the week. Well, this week anyway. Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing levels 2 & 3 of 30 Day Shred. Tuesday will be all 3 levels of Biggest Loser Boot Camp. Wednesday will be my day off, and Thursday I'll go to the gym for HIIT. I think that will make my weekday mornings seem slightly less hectic since I can just workout at home and not drive back and forth to the gym so much. I don't know. I just like to change things up once in a while.

I am loving the gym more these days though, since I've changed up my routine. It's made such a huge difference. By doing HIIT, each interval seems so much easier and goes by so much faster, thus I stay a lot more motivated and energized the whole time. And I've noticed that I'm feeling happier/invigorated/relaxed post-workout, instead of tired and blah. I don't know. I've just been feeling good. My attitude has changed for the better this past week. I'm less concerned about the numbers on the scale and hitting goal and just enjoying how great my body has been feeling lately.

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