Friday, September 18, 2009

Weigh-in Day.

Today's weight: 158.6. A loss of 0.2 pounds. Well, I didn't gain, to my surprise. But geez- I really am going to have to get to goal ounces at a time, eh? I know, I'm never satisfied. It's still a loss, which is good. I think I jinxed things by putting the digital camera in the bathroom last night. I thought, "Well, if I happen to make goal by some miracle, I want to have the camera handy." Not quite there yet.

Plan of action for the coming week? Well, eat a bit more I suppose. And I definitely didn't get enough healthy fats this week, compared to the week before, which I think helped my previous loss. I hate trying to get fat in though! I'd rather eat a whole sandwich instead of a handful of almonds, y'know? I hate spending points on things that don't fill me up. Especially since I struggled to stay within 22 daily points this week. Sigh. It's a tricky thing to balance, so I'll just have to plan, plan, plan I guess.


egg beaters- 1
cheese slice- 1
salsa- 0
1/2 c. kashi cereal with 1/2 c. almond milk- 1

9 almonds- 1
apple- 1
carrot sticks- 0
PB2- 1

2 c. WW Progresso Light Chicken/Dumpling Soup- 3
cheese slice- 1
popcorn ball- 1

crystal light protein water- 0
melba rounds- 1
hummus- 1

small order japanese pan noodles- 7
shrimp- 1

pumpkin bread- 2
ice cream- 9
dried cranberries- 1
chips- 2
light english muffin- 1
turkey- 1
cream cheese- 1
s.f. jam- 0

total points used: 38/22
activity points: 55 min. HIIT routine- 6
net points: 32
WAPs: 25/35 remaining

Planning on going to Noodles & Company for dinner tonight. Pretty easy place to eat, in terms of keeping points low. Looking forward to it.


Went to the gym this morning for another HIIT session. I'm finding the stair master to be quite the big calorie-burner. I'm probably most conscious of my breathing while on that machine than any other. It's tough, but so far I'm enjoying the challenge!

Today's routine:
-10 min. run (1 mile)
-15 min. incline training
-15 min. stair master
-15 min. elliptical/cool-down

I always tell myself I'm going to stop at 500 calories, but when I get to a good stopping point, I see that I'm a little over 500 and think "Oh hell, just push it to 600!" And some days I'll push it to 700 or 800. I need to cool it, haha. I feel so satisfied with myself afterward though, so it's hard not to push myself to that point, unless I'm totally exhausted for some reason. Wish I had that same motivation with weight training. Buh.

Anywho. Enough of that. It's Friday! Woo!


Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

hey a loss is still a loss. I was so bummed about losing 0.8 last week but I had to remind myself that it's so much better than a gain!

Danielle said...

I forget what it's like to lose. :(

What is your goal again?

Tamara said...

158. Though, I'll probably try to go below that for a couple of months, if I can. It's not set in stone.