Thursday, September 10, 2009


egg beaters- 1
diced onion/tomato/mushroom/jalapeno- 0
light swiss- 1
light english muffin- 1
chai tea w/ .25 cup almond milk- 0

9 almonds- 1
carrot sticks/bell pepper strips- 0
PB2- 1
pear- 1

smart ones cranberry turkey medallions- 4
orange- 1

soy nut mix- 2

salmon- 3
spinach w/ light laughing cow wedge- 1
potato- 2
Hungry Girl Pumpkin Bread- 2
wine- 2

s.f. pudding- 1

total points used: 24/23
activity points: 47 min. HIIT routine- 6
net points: 23
WAPs: -42/35 remaining

had another tasty breakfast this morning. i friggin' love omelets with onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. love, love, love. i'm also in love with unsweetened almond milk these days. so low in calories, it's ridiculous. perfect for low-point (or even zero-point) lattes. mmm. i've never been a big milk drinker to begin with, so i switched to soy milk for a while when i first started WW. then i finally gave almond milk a try a few months ago and will probably never go back. more expensive, yes, but it lasts me forever since i don't use much to begin with and it doesn't seem to spoil, ever. i'm sure it spoils eventually, but it probably takes several weeks.

still debating dinner. i have a Pei Wei coupon for a free beef noodle bowl which, after a little research, will cost me 12 points. i also have salmon thawing in the fridge. i'm torn between being lazy and spending more points on the bowl or being sensible and taking time to cook a balanced meal at home. I know what the right option is, but I'm also a fan of asian noodle bowls, especially those of the free variety. we'll see.


Did another HIIT routine at the gym this morning. It went really well. This morning was the first time in a long time that I finished a workout, went to my car to go home and thought, "Wow, that felt really good!" I'm tellin' ya, breaking things up into intervals makes things so much easier (in terms of time and boredom issues), yet still very challenging. why it took me so long to discover this is baffling.

- 11 min. run (1 mile)
- 16 min. incline training
- 10 min. elliptical
- 10 min. stair master

If I keep this up, I'm pretty sure my ass will be damn hot in a month or so. Seriously. Running and incline training are cool and all, but the elliptical and the stair master have really been working my glutes.

and every interval still kept my heart rate way up. i had a few moments where i had to catch my breath, but instead of feeling like i was struggling, i just felt invigorated. i think that's a rare feeling to achieve at 5:30 in the morning, haha.

I keep thinking today is Friday. Buh. One more day. But I am ditching work at 2 this afternoon, so I suppose I can't complain too much.

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